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Be and Beyond Women's Safe Space Empowerment Logo

We recognise that women wear many hats… in business, at home, in society. And in so many cases, women navigate all these roles through an intersectional lens.

So what is Be & Beyond?

Be and Beyond started as a ground up movement of sisterhood, community and collaboration. Covid-19 threw some spanners in the work and gave us the opportunity to assess how best to move Be & Beyond into the digital era… We asked ourselves the question: How best can we create a platform and a movement committed to supporting women to become their best selves and helping to move beyond their limitations to be outstanding?

We are so excited to announce the new Be & Beyond private Facebook group.

This is a platform on which we as women get the chance to just BE. To wear some, all or none of our hats and to engage with other like-minded women as we do so. We want to create a safe space for connection and collaboration across a broad range of topics. To share our experiences and inspire each other on our respective paths.

The Be & Beyond ethos is built around openness, honesty, support and sisterhood, providing an opportunity for women of all ages to give and gain through our unique membership and events.

What can you expect from Be & Beyond?

  • The opportunity to connect
  • Private Facebook group with inspirational content and Rooms in which women can get together to share experiences and empower one another
  • Weekend retreats
  • Book club
  • ‘Dine to Climb’ supper clubs
  • Webinars
  • Networking events
  • Instagram page to follow all our updates and find inspiration from daily quotes and live videos

… and much more!

There is something for everyone. We want women to feel safe in space and free to discuss whatever topics they want to. This all about YOU and an opportunity for growth and connection.

We hope to bring together a group of women, of all ages and backgrounds; a group where women can relax, remove the masks, get away from the hustle and bustle and simply ‘be’!

We welcome you to join us and ‘Be’!