About Diahanne

‘Self-belief is harvested and grown from inside, it’s the power base of energy that we are born with.’

Dr Diahanne Rhiney BCAe is an award-winning agent of change with a clear and driven purpose to promote self-esteem as a tool for female empowerment. Her experience in women’s psychology and self-belief centred healing, is based firmly on identity, empowerment, inclusion and the inner-self. Having travelled the world in her mission to empower women all over the globe, studied extensively, and consistently implemented her method for female empowerment; Diahanne developed You-Ology as an accessible and applicable method for change. Her book, ‘All About Me’,  is an on-time, real-talk self-improvement book which bypasses the fluff to offer empowerment as a practical and applicable method for change.

From a brutal murder attempt at the hands of a former partner to the sudden death of her mother and her incredible journey as a foster carer, Diahanne utilises not only her expertise but her personal experience. She is a long-time ambassador of women who are committed to mobilising a movement of shared growth, positive change and self-empowerment. Her concept of You-Ology focuses on the advancement of women committed to becoming their best selves; moving them beyond their limitations to be outstanding. The You-Ology method is built around openness, honesty, support and sisterhood, providing opportunities for women to give and gain.


Women's Collective

‘The story you tell about yourself limits who you might become…’

While sleeping, sea otters hold hands and bind themselves to each-other with long strands of kelp to keep from drifting away from one another. They do so to be an anchor to one another, so they can sleep without worry of getting lost in the ocean

Diahanne has delivered empowerment workshops to the Migrant Women of Malta, been invited to speak to crowds of 30,000 people in Washington DC on issues of self-esteem for women and has worked on the Mercy Ships.  Her tried and tested practice of You-Ology re-defines strength to transcend generations and geography and build a global movement of strong and uplifted females.

Be and Beyond is Diahanne’s tailormade space for women, embodying the statement “Where your mind meets your soul in a safe environment of sharing”  which delivers:

Advice and articles
Information and resources
Retreats, Supper clubs, book clubs
Online webinars & digital products (coaching)

Be and Beyond is how You-Ology is implemented all over the world; building synergy, empowerment and sisterhood.

You-Ology was created to help empower women and children all over the world by building self-esteem. Dr Diahanne Rhiney’s unique and well-honed method for change is fused with a specific blend of sports psychology, mastery-oriented motivational climates, success mentalities and professional and personal experience is what sets You-Ology apart as an applicable tool for change.

You-Ology re-defines the pillars of self-esteem as the foundation of all the decisions you’ll ever make, how you treat yourself, and how you allow others to treat you. Boundaries are more than just lines on a map. They are an essential toolkit for area of our lives as new research demonstrates that self-respect is crucial for happiness.

Self-esteem is about how we value ourselves, our perceptions and beliefs in who we are and what we are capable of. Our self-esteem can be misaligned with other people’s perception of who we are; It’s a fact that we teach people how to treat us and whether it’s with family, friends, co-workers, or lovers. You-Ology is a self-love conversation presents the concept of unearthing the truth about who we really are in order to be our best selves.

Dr Rhiney’s award-winning practice of focusing on the value of self-esteem incorporates her principles on the winning mentality of athletes in terms that can be applied by everyone, and to everyday life.

Youth Empowerment

‘When you educate a girl, you educate a whole nation.’ African Proverb

Diahanne is a recognised and respected change-maker who uses her multiple platforms and enterprises to raise awareness, educate and empower girls of all ages. On a mission to nurture and grow a generation of empowered young people through You-Ology, she has developed groups, presented workshops and spoken extensively on self-esteem, body issues, social media, abuse, emotional well-being and healthy relationships (including peer pressure and intimate relationship abuse). She has volunteered thousands of hours to fostering and successfully rehabilitating over 100 children from abusive backgrounds. An advocate for girls and young women all over the world, her focus lies in creating dialogue, instilling self-belief and educating young girls by delivering accessible and solid and tools to empower the next generation of change-makers.

Global debate platform #21Questions was created by Diahanne and has been credited with creating a new approach to debate. Open, raw and real, these events brings together an expert panel from diverse backgrounds to partake in an audience-driven discussion for young women and girls. The idea is to share an understanding of the deeper and wider issues facing modern girls and to facilitate their speaking about their own realities, questions and concerns in a way that that is all too often avoided. Our only rule is that nothing is taboo.

Dr Rhiney is extremely passionate about empowering and mentoring young girls and women. Her compassion, nurturing words, positivity and philosophy of sending the elevator back down has been instrumental in the success of many women today, including myself’.

Sue Maison

‘Dear Diahanne, I have been thinking about life a lot lately and I just wanted to say thank you for never giving up on me. You showed me I was loved and I did mean something. You loved me even when I pushed you away and caused you stress. You made me the person I am today because you believed in me! I am an amazing, strong-headed young woman and that’s all down to you! You showed me that life is what you make it and you can do anything if you just believe in yourself’.

Stephanie, (former foster child)

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