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Global Ambassador for Female Empowerment

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From delivering high-impact keynotes to facilitating accredited self-esteem workshops events or hosting live debate panels. If you would like to book Diahanne at your event, please complete our speaker form:



Hosting live debate panels, Diahanne is respected as an authentic, direct and well-informed commentator. If you would like to book Diahanne at your event, please complete our speaker form:


Coaching & Mentoring

Highy skilled in facilitating accredited self-esteem workshops events, Diahanne is an experienced coach and mentor. Contact us to discuss how Diahanne can empower and uplift you and your network.



Adapting to the new normal, more events are being delivered online. Enjoy Diahanne's webinars on various topics. contact us to discuss how Diahanne can work with you by delivering an engaging and informative online event.

Dr Rhiney is extremely passionate about empowering and mentoring young girls and women. Her compassion, nurturing words, positivity and philosophy of sending the elevator back down has been instrumental in the success of many women today, including myself’.

Sue Maison

‘Dear Diahanne, I have been thinking about life a lot lately and I just wanted to say thank you for never giving up on me. You showed me I was loved and I did mean something. You loved me even when I pushed you away and caused you stress. You made me the person I am today because you believed in me! I am an amazing, strong-headed young woman and that’s all down to you! You showed me that life is what you make it and you can do anything if you just believe in yourself’.

Stephanie, (former foster child)

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