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‘Be The Author of Your Legacy’

I am Intersectionality…

Driven by a passion to celebrate individual uniqueness, ‘I am Intersectionality’ exposes the key institutions and decision-makers in society today that contribute towards discrimination based on the protected characteristics that black women, in particular, face today. Putting herself under the lens, Dr. Diahanne Rhiney shares her insightful experiences and critically explores how to overcome negative social identities and methods of how they can work together to preserve the right for equality.

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All About Me

A book that encourages the art of positive selfishness. Oriented around survival and discipline, ‘All About Me’ tells Dr. Diahanne Rhiney’s journey in life, navigating the many emotional and social barriers she faced from personal trauma to success having lived, loved, lost and learned along the way. Now, unapologetic about putting self-worth before others, she has successfully achieved her personal goals that have made her the confident person she is today. Her story is impressive. Her drive is natural. Her tenacity is infectious.

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